Heart to Be King

About Linus

Linus is a pop-rock-band originating from the vicinity of Kempen. The band was formed in the summer of 2012 by Felix Woitschig (vocals, guitar), Christian Herrmanns (bass), Jan Trienes (guitar), Frederic Rudloff (synths, keys) and Eric Cimbal (drums).

Their lightweight and blithe music ensures a good mood. Catchy guitar riffs are accentuated by melodic harmonies and the modern synthesizer sound makes Linus unmistakable. Listeners have a unique feeling.

Linus had their first successes already in the spring of 2013. They won the young-talents band contest and had the opportunity to be the opener of the “Eier-mit-Speck Festival”. The festival is with around 5000 visitors the biggest in the Viersen area. Besides the numerous local gigs they traveled as supporting act Germany-wide with the chart-breakers Six60 from New Zealand. The first E.P. “Welcome Home” was released in the summer of 2013. In 2015, Linus released their debut album “Heart To Be King”.

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01 - Alright Maybe

02 - Crazy Ones

03 - Heart to Be King

04 - Cloudy Day

05 - Tonight

06 - Yesterday

07 - Be Your Man

08 - Planes

09 - From Where We Are

10 - Welcome Home

Planes (Official Music Video)

Our first official music video called Planes was released in March 2015. Marius Milinski from offtonewadventures produced the video. Definitely check out the video and the official page from offtonewadventures. offtonewadventures

Welcome Home E.P.

The Welcome Home E.P. of Linus is their first CD with five tracks which was released in 2013.

01 - Welcome Home

02 - Rise of the fallen

03 - Mary

04 - Best of me

05 - Be there


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